Friday, July 26, 2013

Hey Ho!

I heir the royal baby has crowned!

Oh hi, it's been a while.
Why? I have had nothing I felt worthy of writing about - until now, and even now I am not sure what exactly it is you will be reading. A blog is funny thing. A lot of people try and stay current, journaling the latest trends and #hashtags whilst others have seemed to catch a case of daily word-vomit. None the less, I thought it ought to be that time where I turn the rusty door-handle and step inside a world of jargon and literary banter.

I go to school. Do I enjoy it? Sure. I drink way to much, I make way to many mistakes and I cringe far too often. I am all too familiar with that moment after a night out; peeling yourself off a mascara-clad pillow and dragging yourself into the shower where you stand in a state of disappointment and pity whilst thinking about possible escape routes which you might take in hopes of avoiding looks of shame. 'Ahhh...hhh...hhh' is what is going through your head. 'I am never drinking again' is also something which you commit too and fail far too often. It is often said you learn from your mistakes. The question we need to ask ourselves is, how coherent does one need to be in order to truly learn the lesson of walking down the wrong side of the road? Because the way I see it, walking down the wrong side of the road whilst intoxicated will only result in you getting hit by a car.

Yes, I am completely aware that a lot of my antidotes stem from intoxicated experiences however I simply feel that when I recollect on my University years - good grades and hard hours in the library won't be all that is playing in the highlight reel. I will remember 'Closing Time' and the feeling when the lights go back on after socializing in the hazy darkness of the student bar. The power of a drink which brings even the worst of enemies to a common ground. We won't always be able to rely on it, that I am sure of. Those who have far surpassed the years of tolerating the drunkard state will raise an eye-brow. God knows my mother is - 'Why do you do this to yourself?!' she has asked one too many times. I don't know? Because it's fun? Is it really that fun? Waking up with all sorts of unidentifiable bruises - both physical and mental?

Being a student is really a bundle of fun. How about that time the power cut out and we had to cook by candle-light for four days? Or maybe that time when we didn't have a fridge for a month? Nothing like waking up and realizing your computer won't start because your battery froze in your ice-dungeon overnight. It's okay though - nothing a $20 candle and a hot-water bottle won't fix. It's all part of the experience really - hangovers and minimalism should be wrapped up nice for you by the time you leave those halls of residence. It is almost like a right of passage though, isn't it? In the future, when you are stepping onto your under-floor heating and sipping on a glass of wine that wasn't chopped down to -$10, you will appreciate where you have come from. Your experiences of today will (hopefully) become 'war stories' of the past. The friends you make will become your nearest and dearest and your hard earned dollar will be a result of your hours spent in the library.

You can laugh.
You can call me a wishful thinker - but hey, someone has to do it.

- C.

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  1. Love this "peeling yourself off a mascara-clad pillow.." definitely did that this morning! xXx