Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 22.

A few months ago, I thought I would make the most of my summer in Australia and indulge in a wee Aussie fling. I am an avid fan of spontaneity and thus, I decided to take off my male-finding goggles and open my eyes in the chlorinated pool of love. At first it burns as you start to realize that once you actually open your eyes, you won’t necessarily find that tan, speedo-wearing, nicely buffed man of your dreams. But that’s what happens when you jump in the deep-end. The best things can happen when you are swimming on the wrong side of the lap pool. You feel a little bit badass though, going in blind. You are bound to bump into a few geriatric aqua-joggers or meet an unexpected warm patch – but don’t let that stop you from jumping off the high-dive.

This guy...

And if the dating ‘swimming pool’ analogy doesn’t float your boat – you will join

At first I thought it was funny to survey the number of men who put their mug shots as display pictures. To be fair, I never fully committed to filling out my own online profile. Desperate? Possibly. Shameless? Questionable. What happens if a mutual longing lover spots me in the online dating world? At the ripe age of 22, I feel I should be ashamed to have joined up to an online dating site. In order to justify my actions, I reflect on this as ‘research’ for future moments of soul searching which I will no doubt embark on in years to come. Pessimistic? A tad. This is not to say that I don’t have high hopes for myself. Just like any single lass embarking into adulthood, dreams of white dresses and wedding stresses are definitely logged in the ol’ cranium.

I feel that being single at this age is a bit of a mind fuck to be honest. What are we expecting? Safe to say that majority of us young-twenty something’s are not sparring for a future life partner at this point in time. But on the other hand, this whole concept of ‘finality’ seems to be in the books. You graduate, you get the job - and then what? And where is the time to meet your long lost lover? How many of your parents met their match in University? Time is ticking my friends, but not to fret as I have complied a list of ways to meet your soul mate whilst still in your prime.


6 Ways to Catch a Date at 22.
By C. Henriques

1. Join online dating - or heck, start a 'young persons' dating website. Or you can just go the easy route and stalk (a.k.a 'Falk') potential applicants for the position of future spouse. Study their profile, mimic their poses and, uh, go for it...

2. Make use of every alcoholic based social event. Alcohol is a social lubricant, and in some cases - a love potion. Beer goggles or not, you never know if an intoxicated encounter could weave its way into a fairytale

3. Start a hobby club. Knit, bake or duel your way to love.

4. Date a work colleague. Generally, this is a bad idea. But sometimes a kids gotta do, what a kids gotta do.

6. Make more friends and hope that you like one enough. Maybe bring old friends back into the new scene? Spark up the flame.

5. Walk around the park, pondering life's big questions. Put yourself in dead-shot of a skateboarder who will conveniently run you over and break your arm. 'Said' skater will have no choice but to take you to the hospital and whilst you wait to be bandaged up, you will converse over your mutual love for travel, wine and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  A long shot but worth a try.

If all fails, just buy a pet and stop stressing that your single at 22.
L.G.O - Life Goes On (#copyrightchristinehenriques)

- C.

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