Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh What A Night!

Hello Pinterest, I couldn't have done it without you.
Hello Commerce Society Ball!

It took a few months of planning and an attempt to action my thoughts into one big, fat idea - but we got there eventually.
Lavish with a hint of rustic simplicity.
I bounced back and forth with ideas but finally landed on a neutral setting that would cut down the costs and cause me minimal anxiety on the color clash front.

Because of the Christchurch earthquakes, it was slim picking when it came to finding a suitable venue for such a large group of people. The marquee was a great option because it opened up the ability to personalize a blank space. I knew from the start that fairy-lights were a must, however, I also knew that if I cried when putting up a set of curtains due to sheer frustration- fairy-lights would not work in my favor. This is where Oh Buttercup Events came into the game. I found their site online and instantly fell in love with what they had to offer. 

The venue lit up at night with a selection of Chinese lanterns and tea-lights to add a bit of ambience to the place. The up-side to having the event in the marquee meant that there could be a well established 'indoor-outdoor flow'. Despite our Tiki Torches not working, the use of various sized jars and candles helped add light to the darkness.

I managed to source a selection of shandy glasses to compliment the tea-lights.
In the spirit of keeping things simple, I opted for a single rose to be placed in each glass. I was aware that a) I didn't want things to go into overkill and b) it started looking slightly like a wedding, so I finished the table setting with some Hershey's Kisses to keep in par with my light and bright interior.

The Moroccan Lanterns from Oh Buttercup were a great addition to the tables.

Despite it all finishing in the flash of a second, I couldn't have asked for it to all turn out better!

- C.

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