Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ConGRADulations 101.

I received my first 'ConGRADulations' card in the mail a few days ago. Considering I still have exams to sit and the only thing I have successfully done these last few days is procrastinate, we might be jumping the gun a wee bit. Regardless, come December I should have ticked the ol' degree off the 'to-do' list. 


I have taken it upon myself to compile a list. This list entails 101 things I have come to realize whilst studying for the last four years. 
You might cringe, or you might relate.
I write this list for people like my little sister, people who still have years of grades, hangovers, mistakes and triumphs. You can read to number 101 or you can read to number 4 - I don't really care. I get that every experience is different but I also get that everyone could you a little advice at some stage. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

101 Things I Have Learn't at University
By C. Henriques

1. Going to University is a good thing to do.
2. Moving away from home is a better thing to do.
3. Staying at home will save you money, but is not the best thing to do.
4. Joining some form of hall/dorm is a fantastic thing to do.
5. Everyone is shit*ing their pants in those first few weeks.
6. Chances are, everything that is going through your head - is going through the strangers next to you.
7. Getting involved is the best way to be noticed.

8. Covering yourself in face paint is also a good way to be noticed.
9. Make sure it is not raining when you cover yourself in face paint.
10. Don't laugh when someone older than you tells you the honest truth: in a few years time, you won't be able to drink four days in a row
11. Because your young, do it now. #YOLO
12. Skittle vodka takes longer to make than you think it will.
13. Don't kid yourself - the yellow flavour is always going to taste horrible.
14. Attend every themed occasion that you can.
15. If you are part of a team, work as a team. 
16. Playing 'Never Have I Ever' will shock you. Be prepared.
17. Do not sh*t in your back-yard.
18. If you feel that you will be laughing about it in six months, it's not that big a deal.
19. Make friends.
20. Make really good friends.

21. Try and recreate the T.V show 'FRIENDS'.
22. Some days you might not like all these friends. That is okay.
23. Sit in your room by yourself sometimes.
24. Sitting in your room by yourself will make you realize that you do like the friends you previously thought you didn't like. 
25. Try and make friends from all walks of life - makes for good road trips.
26. Go away for a weekend with your gang and come back with hilarious, yet slightly embarrassing, stories. 
27. The cheap version of any type of alcohol will taste horrendous - and will quite likely make you do regrettable things.  
28. When entertaining yourself after an earthquake, a good game of cards will pass the time.
29. Drinking also will - but you will come to the realization that you have no where to go. 
30. The phrase "did you feel that?!" will become part of your every-day vocabulary in the months following an earthquake.
31. Earthquakes will prove that plans are stupid.
32. Just because you initially thought you would have graduated in three years, does not mean you actually will.

33. Positive Minds, Positive Results.
34. High-school like drama rarely stops. 
35. Make the most of social media.
36. People change.
37. Degrees change.
38. Your mind will change.
39. It is okay to change.
40. It it is meant to be, it will be. 
41. Decorating your room with photos is fun.
42. You need to come to the realization that those photos will never, ever be straight.

43. Getting away for a while will do wonders.
44. The further away, the better.
45. Finding a flat is not the easiest of tasks. 
46. Choose your flat-mates wisely. 
47. There is no such thing as a 'warm flat'. 
48. Excess bedding is a cheap way to keep warm. 
49. Getting out of bed in the middle of winter will be a very painful experience. 
50. Snow is pretty, but the novelty will wear off once you realize that you can't feel your toes anymore.
51. It is okay to feel cynical when you are cold.
52. Sun's out - sheets out.
53. Campaign for something. 
54. Make it pink - or blue, green, red...
55. It always stings when you don't get what you want.
56. Pick yourself back up again, no matter what.
57. Better opportunities are around the corner. 
58. Tell people that they are your best friend.
59. Making new friends every year is a good thing to do.
60. Organize something.
61. Study.
62. Procrastinate.
63. The more you study, the more you will procrastinate.
64. Study something you actually enjoy.
65. If you like it, you will do well.
66. Every degree is a decent degree.
67. Working at McDonalds is not your destiny.
68. Dream big.
69. Fall hard.
70. Laugh now, cringe later. 
71. Some things are worth keeping to yourself.
72. Network.
73. Apply for things.
74. Attend big events. 
75. If it is free - eat it, drink it, use it.
76. Do something that is some-what relevant to what you study. 
77. Run out of money. 
78. Go to the student bar far too often.
79. If they add you, then ignore you - delete them.

80. Make sure you own a sensible pair of wet weather shoes. 
81. Don't buy the textbook.
82. Free pens are the best kind of pens. 
83. It's okay to go home early.
84. It it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn't, then don't.

85. A good T.V show makes for a fantastic solo, sober night in.
86. Never sit on the end of the row in a lecture theatre when the middle is vacant. 
87. Doing something with someone else is great motivation.
88. Doing things by yourself is also great motivation.
89. Some times the most obnoxious people are the most entertaining. 
90. Your best friends will always come back.
91. Even if you can't remember it, it probably happened.
92. People tend to exaggerate things. 
93. A back-pack is a good investment.
94. Ask questions.
95. Talk to strangers in your classes.
96. Talk to strangers in your classes after a few beverages of choice.
97. Although it seems like it, University is not all about drinking.
98. ...depending on what University you go too. All experiences are different.
99. Freshers, whether you are/were one, know nothing.
100. You will always feel like the 'real world' is a far off land. 
101. Even if you don't know who you want to be when you grow-up or where you want to go, University will be one of the best experiences of your life.

- C. 

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