Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome To The Real World.

Ode to the days where an office was simply a place where I could sit and make paper-chain necklaces and play mine-sweeper

I think a lot of us, right at this moment, are in the stage where one 'pays their dues'.

Yes, I totally took an Instagram of the thousands of maps I had to print, sort, staple and pile. Despite the fact that I was bloody proud of my achievement, I welcome the day where frustration doesn't come from a missing print-out and satisfaction comes from being able to staple excess pieces of paper together with your standard stapler. Being an intern definitely gives you a lot of food for thought. The phrase 'well, someone has to do it' is a constant occurrence in both conversation and self justification. Yes, the experience is invaluable - but in more ways than one. It gives you insight to the workings of the 'real world'. 

The real world

Basically, from what I can gather, whilst living as a 'student' in any way, shape or form - you are not a member of this 'real world'. In the real world, people work - hard. Think you work hard when you are studying? Mate, think of it as your conception into the real world - and graduation as the birth. It will be painful, you are going to have to push yourself really hard but once you are there, man I hope it's beautiful...

Interesting analogy?


Anyway, when describing a recent lunch-time occurrence to my father - where a man was giving himself a bloody good time on a park bench whilst throwing the 'pedophile' eyes at myself and my lunch buddies - his simple response was...'Christine, welcome to the real world'. Right? What kind of Devil's Kingdom is this?! Yet self-pleasuring men aside, I don't really think I have a choice in the matter, now do I? I can pro-long it as long as I would like but ultimately we all know it's going to happen. It's an inevitable fact of life and in twenty years time, when I look back on that Instagram photo on my digital, wireless, hands-free, screen less, voice automated, ultra-squidgy mobile device - I just hope I really was paying my dues.

- C.

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