Friday, January 18, 2013

22 Things To Do With Bacon.

Seeing as I am now 22, I was like 'Hey, I am going to Google things that I am legally allowed to do at this brand new age of mine...'
I found zilch. 22 is officially the 19 of birthday celebrations. 
However, I did find 22 things to do with Bacon 

...Along with a hilarious article titled '11 Things You Do in Your 20's That You'll Regret When You're 40'. LOL

As a result, I have decided to create my own list.

Now That You are 22 You Can..
By C.Henriques

1. Be legitimately terrified that you are old enough to do pretty much everything.

2. You have safely surpassed a 'socially unacceptable' time to spawn a child despite still being a wee lass yourself. Unless you are still studying - in that case, keep studying.

3. If you live in Nigeria, Pakistan, China, India, Tajikistan, Vietnam or Albania, you now fall into the 'average age of marriage' for a female. If you are a man, statistically speaking - you are safe. Typical.

4. If you live in China, you have met the average age that one loses their virginity.

5. Look at your teenage tattoos and piercings and think to yourself, 'Now that I have finished University, was this really the best idea?'

6. Be met with constant eye rolling from people who are a year older than you - not that this doesn't occur every year but now that all the fun birthday milestones are packed away, you will only start to feel older.

7. Feel guilty about never having worked a day in your life. Life shall no longer be filled with glitter-stick and Christmas crackers. You are, in fact, only 21 once.

8. If you are a single woman in Australia, you can now 'officially' start speed dating. However, you will meet creepy older men and have panic attacks about the fact that yes, you are speed dating at 22.

9. Throw it all away at get the f*#k out of the country.

10. If you live in a 21 drinking age part of the world, you are probably still learning the effects of alcohol. If you started at the ripe age of 18, you have gained the expertise to know when to say no to the next Vodka shot...but because your 22, you will probably still do it anyway.

It's a short wee list, mainly because being 22 is no different than 23, 24, 25...
Despite entry into certain statistical sectors or a lack of new fun things you can now get away with legally, turning 22 will be like a day in high-school: you see the same people, you ignore the same things and you can look at all the young-in's and think 'Oh, one day they will learn...' 

- C. 

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