Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unspoken Social Rules.

For the last 6-months I have been telling everyone that I am going to write a book about 'unspoken social rules'. I set my mind on this future endeavor after observing and overhearing various situations around my University campus.

1) When one chooses a seat in the library - one must always choose the desk furthest away from a studious individual. If there are two seats next to them, make sure you leave a desk empty. If you do decide to place your belonging directly next to someone, you will be met with awkward shoulder movements, side-ward glances and abrupt fumbling of personal belongings.

2) One must never smile at strangers in the street. Yes, I do know that it is a sign of happiness and friendliness however a smile can also symbolize thoughts such as 'I am going to watch you sleep tonight' or 'I am picturing you without...' Exactly.

3) When entering a shop/ bumping into a distant acquaintances and met with 'How are you?', one must never dictate their whole life story. You will only leave the poor soul searching for escape routes.

4) Learn to adjust volume tones accordingly. One must realize that yes, while you are attempting to talk and listen to music at the same time you do in fact scream and no, your BFF nor I know why he wasn't responding to any of your text messages last night - ugh, men!

Basically, this leaves me questioning how I ever made friends. Through my close analysis of common social interactions I have discovered that we are always supposed to sit alone, never smile, never share our emotions and only speak in whispers? At the ripe age of 22, I no longer have the Primary playground or the High-School common room as my main means of social interaction. It's a cold, lonely world out there where people don't actually understand my sense of humor...

Alas, we have a solution - Social Media. An open playground where you can stalk (in a good way?), request and delete your social ensemble. It's a good starting point, to say the least. You meet someone whilst mouthing words to them, from two desks away whilst making sure that you don't smile or tell them how you are - and boom, friend request? Accept! The journey is what you make it kids.

In today's world, we have millions of social networks to choose from. One of my personal favorites is Pinterest. I freaking love Pinterest. I swear, during study periods - I spend more time on that website than I do anything else.
Yes I do want to pretend I own all these clothes. 

Image from Pinterest. 

Yes I do want to spend thirty-minutes looking at a website of outdated 1990's toys and gadgets.

Yes I do want to plan my future wedding and style my future house

Image from Pinterest. 

The thing I love most about Pinterest is realizing that so many people like, think or wear the same things you do. It is an open space to find like-minded individuals in which you share billions of common interests. Combine it with Facebook and you have a social media sensation! I mention this because, as a new blog, we need to get some readers cooking. The type of readers who like what I like, and can see the humorous side to my banter.

Image from Pinterest. 

- C.


  1. Christine, I'm a big follower of your Mom's blog and it's clear to see that you are a writer, like your Mom. Good luck on your blog!

  2. So very happy every time you find your voice and turn it into words...Tine. magic. xxx