Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Start.

They made jokes like there was no end to tomorrow, but we didn't explode.
2012 Survivor. 

I sat in the hairdresser as the clock ticked on. Did I actually believe that this could be the end? Possibly. You never know with these things. I saw the movie, I knew the outcome.
3.00 P.M was when it was all supposed to shut down.
At that exact moment, a man decided to point out the window and harp something loudly in Vietnamese.
Damn you language barrier and cultural volume tones!
The believer in me was convinced he was pointing to an approaching whirlwind which would suck us all in - not that he was simply asking the lady next to him what the building next-door was. 
I sucked in my cry of 'Apocalypse!' and carried on staring at my face intently as I usually do when getting the chop. 

With a swift aversion to an apocalyptic boom, we can bring in 2013 with a near death experience under our belts. Personally, I was all Cosmopolitans and N.Y.E Tiaras about 2013 - and as the clock struck midnight and 'Gangam Style' brought in the new year, I started to have my doubts. I am all about my signs and I think the start of a new year lead by the musical stylings of a Korean pop sensation can only set a particular tone for the year. Psy aside, I am going to live with my positive minds, positive results philosophy and erase the mental images of middle-aged men catching the Gangam fever on the d-floor and look onwards and upwards.

Bring on blog number two. Something a bit more sophisticated than what I have done before. I want to write about what I think and showcase the things I feel that you need to see. If you don't mind a lack of fancy jargon and a few wee grammatical errors, you have hit the right spot. 

It's 2013 baby and we ain't going out with a bang just yet!

- C.

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