Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Artist Within.

In primary school, I often let my imagination carry me away.
My art teachers never named me as their favorite...

Teacher: 'I want you to draw a self portrait'

Mini Christine: '...fabulous! Here I am, on a lone a jungle...with a pet giraffe...and a fairy called Gertrude. Let me add a rainbow and a sun with some sunglasses and voila!' 

Needless to say that my imagination never really translated well on paper. My artistic talent has always been somewhat lacking. There is nothing more frustrating than having the perfect image in your mind, yet the 'M' shaped birds and stick-figures don't really cut it. 

An early self-portrait.

Oh well, you either have it or you don't I suppose! I was placed in art classes, and despite my persistence I had to lay down the paint brush and pack away the easel. 

Thankfully I have been blessed with a fantastic set of artistically talented friends. 

Photo taken by Timothy Jones. 

N.Z based Timmy J has always had a way with the camera and after the addition of a super-tech photographic device, he has produced some spectacular images. 

Photo taken by Timothy Jones. 

Photo taken by Timothy Jones. 

 - C.

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