Sunday, March 24, 2013

Drunken Words, Sober Thoughts.

Alcohol make us do cray cray things.

The morning after is almost always the worst part of the experience. Ever experienced the 'turn around'? The moment where you wake up, rub your eyes, smack your forehead, turn around and there it is...a whole lot of shame. You don't want to touch it in hopes that maybe if you ignore it, it won't really be there. Of course you can delete it, but what good what that be? The deed has been done and there is nothing you can do but sit with the shame. The worst part? There wasn't just one person, there were many. So many.

Slowly you reach to make contact, preparing yourself for what might happen..

Yeah buddy, you most definitely got your drunk text ooonnn last night.

Drunken Word, Sober Thoughts
It is repeated time, and time again when complaining about the stupid things you said the night before. Why do we do this to ourselves? Fingers crossed that the person on the other line is as influenced as yourself, responding with the same shamefulness as you. At least the morning after can be a bit of a laugh rather than a 'cringe in the shower' sort of situation. 
The question is, is what we say during our intoxicated state, what we have subconsciously want when stone cold sober? They say that Red Bull gives you wings but I'll tell you now that a few Tequila shots and you will be soaring as if equipped with a rocket pack. Maybe we are just testing the limits? If drunken words are my sober thoughts than I am far worse off in the whole spelling department than I thought. Without auto-correct, I commend those who make sense of what I have to say. 

I am not proud of my 'dexting' a.k.a Drunken Texting and I feel that labeling myself as a chronic dexter won't serve me any good but I raise the issue as one that I feel that a number of us can relate to - those of us who dabble in the one too many alcoholic beverages. Did you know that the chemicals in alcohol increase your anxiety levels? Hence why your cringe-factor rating is sky-high upon awakening from a cloudy haze of intoxication. 

Sometimes all you can do is sit with the shame of sharing your inner most thoughts with someone - either a cherished contact of ambiguous unknown number. You can delete the evidence all you like but once the sent button has been pressed, the message is locked in a world of humiliation. It is for this reason that I believe that dexting is far worse than the ol' drunken phone call. The drunken Facebook status? Too easy to claim as Frape.

If the thought is there, so is an element of intent. My theory is - if you can spit it out again when sober, than yes drunken words, sober thoughts indeed. Otherwise, drunken texting is just another meaningless thing you do when drunk.

- C.


  1. That's a problem when you drunk I agree but at some point it will stop trust me :) lol <- come and see me and we can follow each other if you want ?:)

  2. I'm a big believer in "truth serum." Unfortunately... Peace in authenticity? These sobering moments are always tought to swallow :/

    That Girl in Pearls