Thursday, February 28, 2013

Humble Abode.

It's not a house, it's a home.
As C.F.O of my spanking new flat, I have bared witness to the financial strain that one encounters when setting up a new home. You have to counter in the smaller things and when you realize that it might be weeks before you can afford them - you have to get creative. Our current kitchen table is a desk, surrounded with a set of shelves, an exercise ball, 3 outdoor chairs and 2 office chairs all used to entertain our lovely guests. There were a few nights of iPhone guided light before the power was successfully switched on. Thinking of something to give up next Lent? Try living without a fridge for a few weeks. Safe to say that Tuna and P.P&J sandwiches are off the menu for a while. 

Oh to be a student. 

Flat shops are fun.  Life has turned down a different street when you get excited about thirty rolls of toilet-paper for $9.00. We constantly complain about being poor but when the beers are capped open and the cheap bubbly is pouring - financial priorities are erased away. Sometimes you have to skip out on the finer things in life but that's alright, we do survive. For those of us who are loved, our dire situations are slightly relieved by the beauty of 'the care package'. Usually, these packages are tucked with little goodies - socks, chocolate, shampoo. The sorts of things that you need but for some reason, can never justify purchasing. Useful? One would think so. I on the other hand made a request for a care package from my loving parents: 'Yes Christine, we will pop something in the mail for you' they said. 

Seeing as they live in Vietnam my expectations were not high. A few weeks pass by and a nice, heavy package arrived at my door. It was boxed in a fine wine box and there I was thinking 'Hey, how nice - Papa Pete and Mumma J have bought me a nice bottle of wine to open for when I finish exams.' Out came the scissors, and out fell lentils, Tahini, Eggplant dip...and 2.5 kilos of pickles. Fantastic. 

The point of the story is - When your parents give you Tahini make Hummus. And this is exactly what this poor little student did to welcome our flat to life. 

Frugal Tip: Soaking your own chickpeas is miles cheaper than going for the canned goods. 

Alice and Chrissy's Homemade Hummus


2 cups of dried chickpeas, soaked (12 hours) and cooked
1/4 cup of Tahini (or peanut butter if your parents don't love you enough to send you some in a care package)
Garlic, minced - enough to taste
Salt and Pepper
Paprika - enough to taste
A few sprigs of Parsley
2 TBS of oil


Basically (if your electricity bill allows you too) just zap it all into a blender and spin till you reach a desired consistency. It's as simple as 1,2 3 kids. Want it a wee bit smoother? Just chuck some water in it. Not a lot, just a little.

Enjoy with you $8.99 Bubbly and a couple of crackers and it's just fabulous!

- C.


  1. Oh you truly do have wonderful parents! As a mom of daughter in college right now too (& 3 previously), it's always good to be reminded of how important those care pkgs were and are. I sadly commiserate with you living the meager lifestyle. Wish I could say I was a student, but it's more like an American living life in Scotland. It's amazing how 'making do' produces some good laughs every now & again. Now..I want to try your terrific recipe! Have a fun weekend :)

  2. Fabulous.How kind of your parents to send this welcome gift. I love the taste when one soaks the chickpeas as opposed to using canned.

  3. That is the most hilarious care package ever. Your folks are great.


    ps. I am a blogging friend of your mom.

  4. sweet of your parents and I LOVE hummus. I could eat it all the time. Muah