Friday, February 1, 2013

A Rant.

Did you know that the iPhone 4S screen is exactly the same size as a Post-it note?
I do.
You know why? 
Because I literally put a reminder on my phone the other day. I knew another flash, bam, kazam wouldn't register in the ol' noggin so I decided to kick it old school. 
Way to fight the system.

When you think back to what the world used to be like ten years ago, your instant thoughts are usually ‘how did I survive?’

How did you survive without your GPS Navigation system?
How did you survive without voice-automated control?
How did you survive without the mass music storage you can hold in your pocket?

They say that mental illness is on the rise. Materialism, I am sure, has something to do with it. The pressure that Apple places on us each six to eight months has anyone screaming mercy when they just can’t handle being the only person in their social clique without the latest iWhatsit. I am living proof – the iPhone 5 came out less than 6 months ago and I am already making comparisons to the iPhone 4S with a concrete brick.  It is a anxiety-filled world, which I am sure many avoid to admit.

Seem familiar…?

‘Turn around when possible’.

Said from pure thin air.
A familiar voice.
Someone you can trust, someone you can rely on…someone who speaks the truth.
It’s a sign:
I must turn around when possible.

Did you ever think that the voices in your head might not actually be caused by insanity but simply your neglect to turn off Suri? How come we have difficulty trusting our loved ones yet when displayed in lights and words on a small little screen – we don’t have a sweat of doubt? To enter a room in 2013, we no longer just have to flick our sunglasses over our heads. We have to pull the plug and silence the device. Don’t get me wrong; I am not ashamed to admit that I, myself am rather reliant on the wonders of my iPhone. Panic strikes when I enter an area with no signal – SOS only? If I don’t check my e-mail, Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and make it appear that I am alive, people will think I have alerted a bloody SOS. It’s a dark day when you have to convince yourself that this is not a reality of life.

When is the last time you remembered another number besides your own? We rely on our address book. When your phone dies and someone offers you their phone to get you out of a pickle – calling yourself to let remind you that your fuck*d is going to be an awful lot of help now isn't it?

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